Opening Night In 1 Day!!! Support Your Local League... Bring Cash

Posted by Hobe Sound Little League on Feb 25 2016 at 05:38PM PST

Opening Night Ceremony
Friday, February 26th @ Doc Myer Fields

6:00pm: Players/Parents arrive to pick up uniforms and purchase tickets
6:20pm: Teams/Parents gather on Field 1 outfield grass (bring chairs)
6:30pm: Opening night ceremony begins
6:40pm: Team introductions
7:15pm: Eat and participate in events
8:00pm: End ceremony

Things To Know:

Please bring portable chairs so you can sit with your kids and teams on the field.

Food Tickets, Drink Tickets, & Raffle Tickets Sold As You Arrive (cash or check accepted)
Please support your local league by purchasing lots of tickets for the food and raffle

Food (pizza & hotdogs): $2 – $3
Drinks: $1
Events: $1
Raffle Tickets: $5 per ticket or $20 for 5 tickets

Players will get uniforms from managers as you arrive. Please have the players put on their team shirts and hat. The rest of the uniform should be put in the car immediately so it is not lost. If you signed up late your uniform may not be in, we apologize for this but it is unavoidable.

Open the attached document to view the raffle items…